ONE DAY MORE! (Beneath a Waning Moon releases tomorrow.)

Simply cannot wait!


Monster promo 2


Why am I getting my Les Mis on, you might ask?

Because NEW STUFF is happening tomorrow!

Grace Draven is a great friend and also a fantabulous author. I love her books, and we collaborated on a holiday collection last year, All the Stars Look Down. (Which is not to say we co-write. We’re both far too controlling and pig-headed for that.) But we had a great time putting the holiday stories together, so when she called me about doing another duo for Halloween…

Grace: What do you think about putting out some Halloween novellas like we did with All the Stars for Christmas?

(Please note: This is greatly paraphrased. I don’t really have that good a memory and this was months ago. Also, I’m a writer. I tend to just make things up when I don’t remember exactly.)

Me: YES! That sounds so fun!

Grace: I have this…

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