First look! Imitation & Alchemy: An Elemental Legacy Novella

Cannot wait!


10996073_883567318403356_118408601205577981_n Not Naples. But they will be going to Venice, too.

What’s Imitation & Alchemy, you ask? Why it’s just the next Elemental Legacy novella for Ben and Tenzin. (Or Benzin, as you all have named them.) I’m estimating this novella will be out this winter. I’m aiming for early February, but that depends on editing and holidays and all that jazz.

I have to share this bit of what I wrote today because Benzin makes me laaaaugh really hard. I’m traveling back to Italy with the two of them in this novella. Currently, they’re in Naples. Here’s a peek of Tenzin’s POV.

Filomena led them under the Roman arches of subterranean Naples and toward her master, who was sitting on a raised dais playing king of all he surveyed.

Tenzin disliked him immediately.

He wasn’t a handsome vampire. His face was pockmarked and sagging. His skin had once been olive…

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